Revolution Update 3

Revolution Update 3:


Venue situation:


Right due to the legal situation at the new EXP Venue (Which we was planning on holding Revolution 2018 at) being stonewalled for the time being, we have gone for a venue at the moment which is a bit further east than Stratford. We’ll be in an industrial area 11 minutes walk away from South Woodford station that’s also on the Central line. This is one of the few places in London that has enough space while also being allowed to run a gaming event (Yeah that’s a thing…) and wouldn’t mind moving their church service on a Sunday and could book the Friday afternoon. So this is our preliminary venue for the time being however if someone thing comes up for a better location within the next couple weeks we have the freedom to change.

Because of this it now means we do have an option to open sign ups which we will this Monday!  We’ll be hard-capping the sign ups to 220 to make sure we don’t get any issues with over-crowding. So please bear with us on this. However if change it will only be something bigger. If the venue does change all prices will be fixed and will not change.


With Soul Calibur VI coming off the main line up, due to its release date just coming up short we’ll are in discussion with Namco about having it as promotional set ups at the event with a side tournament and that discussion is going well, we’ll have more to update you on in the future.

For that note we’ll be adding Pokken for the Friday but we won’t have any casual set ups for it on the Saturday due to all of the four major games will be on Saturday and we’ll need as much space that we can get to make it an easy and worry-less competition. We’ll reinstate more casuals on Sunday if any Pokken players will like to come back then.

In the next blog we’ll be doing a rundown of the streaming time table and what we are looking to do for it this year.