Magewell X4 HDMI Capture Pro Review

Magewell X4 HDMI Capture Pro Review:

The Magewell is an interesting bit of kit for anyone looking to increase their production from amateur level to semi pro while still looking for affordable solutions. This capture card is one of the best in the market for providing a clear but simple solution of HDMI camera inputs while only taking up a single PCI slot (albeit, an extended one). This is major because not only does it save PCI slot cards, it allows smaller PCs to turn into mini streaming rigs with much more functionality.



The Magewell cards are fully compatible with any software you throw at them. Both OBS and XSplit recognise them instantly while separating both the visual and audio signals of the HDMI input for each channel. Making it super easy to manipulate them while choosing what one you want. This is also compatible with both VMix and Wirecast if you have access to both of those high end programs as well.


Capture Quality:


The quality is  excellent with little latency even with multiple cameras plugged in. I normally have my Camcorders paired with my PS4 Pro during the broadcast and currently I’ve had no issues picking up any of them as long as the PS4’s HDCP is off. The quality is always the same of what is going in. As far as I’m aware from the naked eye, there is no quality lost when the card is in usage. This card also handles the PS4 Pro while Super-sampling mode is on. The card supports Resolutions up to 2048×2160 pixels from a range of HDMI sources.


Usage In Practicality:


I’ve been using the Magewell for around 2 years now and it’s been one of the most important aspects of the broadcasting PC for NGI. It has saved many events while still allowing the broadcast team flexibility for our broadcasts. We use it as a corner stone to our set up and allows us to plan camera angles and such accordingly.


The ability to use this in any program means that we can easily change what program our broadcasts are in regardless of what other external equipment we have. And since we’ve gotten this we don’t really need to worry about having compatibility issues with any of our PC Hardware.